Can you handle the heat?

By October 23, 2014Health Issues
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Good Morning,

Heat is an interesting phenomenon…sometimes we like it hot and sometimes we don’t! I want you to be aware of good food turning (bad) carcinogenic, when cooked too high and with oil that changes properties if heated past its stabilization point.

Keep flaxseed and olive oil set aside for dressings and cold recipes and use that big tub of Costco coconut oil or avocado oil for anything cooked.

Oils, just like other foods have different health benefits so my challenge to you this week is to switch it up!

leaky gut chart of oils

Some of my favorite olive oil was found in Italy, I think it’s time to go back with an empty suitcase! If you have a minute I would love to know your favorite oil and why…

Have a fabulous week,


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