Optimal Health and Yoga Challenge

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Sara Washburn and I are launching our first ever, 30-day Optimal Health & Yoga Challenge, starting this January. Specifically January 3, 2016 to ring in our New Year with incredible fun and focus. We have been dreaming, scheming, and planning, for quite some time so are calling for a whooo-hoooo and happy dance all in one!

For those of you (like me) who just want the details minus the fluff;
When? January 3-31, 2016 Optimal Health & Yoga Challenge with Sara and Bo.
Where? All content, video and print, will be online, so whether you are in the Palm Springs of Washington, the actual Palm Springs, or anywhere in between you can join us!
What is an Optimal Health & Yoga Challenge?  It is 30-days of the absolute BEST nutrition and yoga practices brought to you in simple daily steps.
We are following Tiffany Cruikshank’s book “Optimal Health A 30-Day Program to Detoxify and Replenish Body and Mind” which is by far, my favorite and most used book on my shelf.  It is available on Amazon.com as a digital copy for $9.99, or contact Bo if you would like to purchase the hard copy for $31.80.
“This program is carefully laid out to approach detoxification in a systematic manner over the course of 30 days. Each week we concentrate of cleansing a different organ system and each day focuses on details that specifically benefit that system. The 30-day program provides you with the tools you need to cleanse your body and mind of harmful toxins.” Tiffany Cruikshank

Week 1: Stimulating & Cleansing the Digestive System

Week 2: Removing Toxins & Strengthening Liver Function

Week 3: Revitalizing Kidneys and Skin

Week 4: Nourishing Adrenal & Immune Systems
How Much? $57.00
$57.00 includes weekly yoga & nutrition videos with Bo & Sara covering “Optimal Health” in our private Facebook group.
2 body compositions.
15% off any Thorne supplements and protein powder all month long.
How to join?
Once you are in Bo Wilkinson’s MindBody our Optimal Health Challenge is under “Services”.
Email Bo@MWLCY.com or Saraklasha@icloud.com
Facebook Sara Washburn or Bo Wilkinson and let us know you want to join our group “Optimal Health Nutrition & Yoga Challenge”
Or by phone at 509-452-9504
For those of you who haven’t met Sara, she is one of those jewels -a precious soul- that I met a few years ago and was instantly changed by her presence in my life. She is an E-RYT (experienced yoga teacher with over 1,000 teaching hours plus she runs her own Yoga Alliance teacher training school) and taking one of her classes is like encountering pure bliss. I speak from experience as I’ve followed her around town taking as many of her classes as I can. My daughter Taylor will tell you it’s true, she can tell from my countenance and body language when I’ve been in Sara’s class!
And as many of you know my passion (Bo) is surrounding integrative nutrition, getting comfy in our bodies, and yoga. For me that translates into creating health from the inside-out, and figuring out “what’s going on in there”. Becoming our own health detective so we can we tweak our nutrition to feel and function at our peak. I am currently studying under Tiffany Cruikshank (the author of “Optimal Health”) for my Yoga Medicine teacher training and it’s impossible to express the depth of character and yoga knowledge that both Tiffany and Sara bring to this table.
So what exactly does our challenge look like?
Sara and I will be bringing short videos to you each week, making all nutrition and yoga steps clear and easy to follow. We will be posting them online so you don’t have to add any busyness to your beautifully clean calendar of 2016. Basically if you shop smart and have internet connection you don’t have to leave your house our entire challenge, bring on the snow!!!
Two body compositions are included. Keep track of your lean muscle mass, fat %, visceral fat, hydration level, weight, and BMR (basal metabolic rate).  If at any time during our 30 days you want 15% off Thorne supplements or protein powder…you’ve got it!
We will learn about adaptogens, my favorite! In herbal medicine adaptogens are a natural substance to help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect on how the body is functioning. For example you have low energy and feel tired all the time, we will learn which adaptogens balance your cortisol levels and strengthen your adrenal glands.  You’ve heard that Milk Thistle (silymarin) and Dandelion help with anti-aging (cell rejuvenation) but are confused how to get those into your diet? We will cover herbs and tinctures during week one.
One of my favorite facts about this challenge, it will help you live mindfully, with purpose.
You’ve been wanting to dabble in yoga, get your big toe wet to see what you think.  Sara will blow your mind on the mat and you wont have to leave your house to do it, priceless.
We will be learning breathing techniques that calm the heart and mind and soothe the nervous system. These breathing exercises are not just for yoga class, anytime you feel stressed or overwhelmed you can switch your sympathetic (fight/flight) response over to your parasympathetic (rest/digest) response. In my humble opinion, learning to use our breath is the best gift we can give ourselves.
We will start posting in our group right after Christmas, so when January 3rd hits we are ready to roll.
Last but not least, no matter how healthy or unhealthy you feel…there is always room for improvement. Thank goodness and CHEERS to that!
Wishing you and yours, your best ever MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Bo & Sara
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