These stories come from real clients who have taken part in our programs.  Their success shows that with a little hard work, planning, and support, anyone can achieve a new level of health.


Tom started our New Direction Program July 27, 2010.  His body fat has gone from 50.6% to 24%!  His visceral (abdominal) fat has gone from 29 units to 11 units,  which brings his medical alerts into healthy range.

Tom’s muscle mass started at 162.6 lbs. and is now 171.2 lbs.  Maintaining muscle is optimal when weight loss is your goal.  As you maintain lean muscle mass your metabolism stays revved, you can eat more because your body burns calories, and your body composition changes to make keeping weight off doable.

Less fat and more muscle, that is what we are talking about and what Tom has!

Tom is off his blood pressure medicine and his cholesterol meds have dropped significantly as well.  Now that Tom is getting closer to his goal weight we will start gearing up for his lifestyle maintenance, which means we will still see him on a regular basis!

Tom has become part of our family, we thank you so much for trusting us on your health journey!



Months ago I would never have guessed I would be on this incredible weight loss journey. Oh, I have wanted to lose weight for years but have tried and not succeeded so many times that I began to wonder if I would ever be a healthy weight. I think many things got my attention especially my health. Bone-tired exhaustion, digestive problems and high blood pressure were weighing on me – sorry for the pun. But emotionally, I was really scared to fail again.

It’s so amazing that when you are ready that everything comes together. I will forever thank my daughter, Becky (whose love for me included concern about my health), told me about Bo and her food plan. At first I was apprehensive, maybe even a little cowardly. I would have to face my rebellious attitude about food. Why can’t I eat what I want – when I want? But our son, Jason, said something to me a few years ago that was in the back of my mind. What he said was a quote from Albert Einstein – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Wasn’t I doing that with my food addiction? I now have an Einstein bobble-head to remind me of that important message.

My life changed last July when I committed myself to do whatever it took to get my health back. Since late July of this year using Bo’s food plan (and her weekly encouraging and enthusiastic support), taking a class based on the book “The Beck Diet Solution” (this helped so much with the behavior associated with overeating), pulling up my boot straps and putting on my big girl panties, I have already been rewarded with a 40 pound weight loss and the courage to continue to my goal weight! My husband (who has been an amazing support to me) and I walk several miles 4 or 5 times a week and I do yoga and free weights several times a week. My energy and strength are continually increasing. The health benefits have been amazing – no more medication for digestive problems or high blood pressure. I get to buy new clothes. I am so thankful for this amazing journey – another chapter in the book of my life.



Kirsten had never had any problems with her weight until an adrenal disorder in 2009. She went on medication and in short order her weight was up 30 pounds.  Kirsten says, “I started trying everything!”  She bought an intense exercise program and did that 6 days a week, bought pills and drops that promised success, but “nothing” worked.  June 28th, 2010, she came to Medical Weight Loss Center for her first appointment.  She let us know that nothing had budged her weight so her expectations were incredibly low.

She was in September 14th and is down 23 pounds.  Kirsten says she finally wants to go out again and loves that her clothes fit without layer over layer to cover herself up.  We are now in the training phase of Lifestyle Maintenance which is fun because of Kirsten’s “can-do” attitude!

We wanted to spotlight Kirsten and say thank you to her for being positive and inspiring each week.  She made her commitment and has never looked back.  That reminds me of something Babe Ruth once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”


Mary believes in the power of prayer.  Two years ago Mary lost 70 lbs. during chemotherapy and radiation and thanks God for keeping her alive as she battled cancer.  Feeling near death she soon found herself going the other extreme with weight gain. Her oncologist told her that even though the cancer didn’t kill her now her weight gain would.  She came in to Medical Weight Loss Center last July and started slowly regaining her newfound health through losing excess weight, exercising lightly a few days a week and being thankful for prayer.  We have witnessed Mary’s amazing transformation and we too thank God for her health and positive spirit!

She has lost over 75 lbs., and reduced her body fat by 13%!!  What an incredible transformation and inspiration to us all!


“In retrospect my initial time spent with the medical weight loss center was similar to how I had been living. I took the easy road to my weight loss and relied primarily on the meal program. Continuing my hindsight I remember “doing the math” and projecting my weight loss from my first couple of months to determine when I would reach my desired goal. That date is about a bit over a month away and I will not be achieving it by my estimated timeline.

Various factors contributed to it almost all of which were/are under my control. HOWEVER! Yes, it is a big however I have learned working out helps much more than I had previously thought or would have believed. The simple addition of aerobic exercise and weight bearing exercise do so much to aid in not only weight loss but keeping it off in the future. I had been active prior to when I began this wonderfully transformative journey but rather than step it up, I sat back on the laurels of relying on the meals to do the work of weight loss. This was my choice and one of the factors which changed the “weight date”.

I am sure we have all heard the rule “muscle weighs more than fat”. The fact of the matter one pound of fat weighs as much as one pound of muscle or bone or organs for that matter. What we need to keep clear in our minds is muscle is more dense than fat. As we increase our muscle density we also increase our metabolism and how well we burn the calories we eat and the fat we have. We don’t need to become body builders or spend $$$ on infomercial equipment. We need to just do more exercising. I have found this to be true and have been experiencing the results weekly and daily.

With heartfelt thanks to one of my best friends Brad B. I began working out at a local fitness center. The staff there were and continue to be terrific and supportive. The people exercising there come from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes yet with one shared thought “being fit is beneficial”. The adage “good things don’t come easy” does apply because it has taken sweat and elbow grease to get my body back in good running order. During my time there I have learned some surprising things about myself;

1-I like the activity and working out. In fact I like it so much when other things come up in life as they tend to do for all of us and I have to reschedule I get a little pouty and think “I could be working up a sweat right now instead of doing ___”. Of course I enjoy what I am doing but the realization I actually miss working out and had looked forward to it amazed me.

2-The muscle mass I am gaining is helping burn the calories I ate that day plus the stored calories “fat” whether I am working out or sitting at my desk, driving around for errands, walking my dog or working at my desk. All the things we do in our own life will burn more calories if we increase our muscle density.

3-Exercise isn’t the inconvenience or interference in my life I had thought it would be. I live approximately 30 minutes from the west end of town. I had always told myself I would work out more if I lived closer or if there was a pool (I have always loved to swim) or if there were machines that were fun and not an intimidating atmosphere to workout in. Guess what? I was feeding myself a load of BS! What’s worse is I bought into it! We can sell ourselves on anything if we want something bad enough.

The small amount of time (in comparison) it takes to workout is time not spent prone on the couch watching a re-re-re run of a program or some other thing we watch because there is nothing else on.

I didn’t need a pool or fun machines or the “perfect” time to work out. I just needed to do something, anything.

Sure I got some sore muscles a couple of times but that stopped as I kept going and re trained my muscles into doing what they were designed to do as opposed to laying on the couch. Thanks to Brad I met Brian K. who has been a trainer and more than that someone to help familiarize me with the various ways to safely and efficiently exercise. Brian gave me “homework”, he asked that I come in one or two times a week on my own to increase my cardio as well as work on my abdominal muscles. Our first session was on a Thursday and while Friday wasn’t too bad the weekend had me wondering what I had gotten myself into. I was sore in my legs; to be precise it was my thighs. The great thing though is after stretching a time or two each day the soreness went away and I was ready for our Tuesday workout. But instead of waiting for Tuesday I decided to take him up on his offer/challenge and went in on Monday and did my “homework”.

If any of this rings true or you have caught yourself nodding in even slight agreement or if on the other hand you doubt every word and say “that’s you and I’m different because of ____” then I invite and encourage you to come over and check the place out. If you don’t want to try this place there are others all over town and on the road (now I understand why hotels have “fitness rooms”,lol). Jim W. @ The Center for Functional Fitness will be glad to show around. Brian and the other trainers are all very professional and can help you with a routine that will provide a challenge while being aware of any special needs/requests you may have.

The first time you are sore after a workout you will wonder what you have gotten yourself into and the first time you don’t feel sore you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

This isn’t meant as a promotional for them or as a “look at me”, it is a testimonial to what you can do for your own self best interest. If nothing else you get out of watching the same old sitcom that you are beginning to know all the lines to.

While the value we place on a membership or time with a personal trainer can be measured, the value of improving our body and increasing the time we have to spend with those we love or to see things we might not have seen is priceless.

The depth of gratitude I have for Bo for showing me how eating right can be healthy and still be tasty is immeasurable as is the thanks I have for Brad for the gifts(s) of the sessions with a personal trainer. Thank you also to my friends and family for your support and encouragement. It has been relatively easy but your enthusiasm has always been appreciated.

HOWEVER!!! I am most grateful and appreciative to myself for starting and continuing on both journeys of making healthy food choices and exercising.”

Diamond has gone on to lose over 100 lbs. and continues to transform his lifestyle in amazing ways.


Bill & Peggy

 As Peggy and I started our journey towards a healthy lifestyle it was a choice that we made together. On previous attempts we did it because
we felt pressured by outside influences and unfortunately did the yoyo weight loss. Making the choice to get fit together and being mentally ready to embark on this journey was very important for us. It gave us the support we needed from each other as well as the added support from Bo.
It has been an awesome experience from the 2nd week in January, the only pressure we felt was what we put on ourselves! Bo made the whole experience that much better, from the shrills at weigh in to the upbeat attitude when we did not meet what we wanted. We might not be smarter than a fifth grader, but between the two of us we have LOST a fifth grader and then some! Thanks to Bo for all the help and continuing to be there as we maintain.