Yin is In & Shakeology is on it’s way

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Good Morning You Gorgeous People!

First off I want to thank all of you who came to Renu last night and made my “yin is in” class such a blessing. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me to have you there with your smiling faces. Love you so much!

This will be a quick note for those of you who are waiting on your Shakeology order and for those of you who want to be a part of our first ever YogaFaith class here in Yakima, yes that’s a whooooo-hooooo and something BIG to rally around!

YOGAFAITH was born out of a 21 day fast that Michelle (YogaFaith’s founder) embarks on at the beginning of every year. God led her to Mark 12:30. “Worship the Lord with all your might, with all your strength, with all your being.” This is YOGAFAITH. We are simply worshiping the Lord with our whole being. Acts. 17:28 Says that in Him we move, we live, we breathe, and we have our being. Whether we are washing dishes, lifting weights, taking a zumba class, or simply stretching, we glorify our maker with everything He has given us. Romans 12:2 reminds us to take our everyday coming and goings, and offer it up as worship and prayer.

Michelle is making Yakima her first stop on her west coast Soul Shine tour. Join us February 7th, 9:00 a.m. for a time of Jesus First, Yoga Second, on our mats. All are welcome and YogaFaith classes are always free, donation based, so everyone can fit it into their budget…all proceeds go toward the rescue and restoring of human trafficking survivors.

I will also be hosting free, donation based, YogaFaith yin classes each Saturday morning at Renu during the month of February @ 8:00a.m. If you are unsure about what yin is and why “Yin is In” with me you can read more about my journey at the bottom of this email and come to one of my classes!

Now, about that Shakeology you have been waiting for…I just got off the phone with Beachbody and our chocolate bags will be here February 2nd! Thank you so much for your patience and I will get your names on the bags and have them ready for you Tuesday, February 3rd. If you ever get tired of waiting for my orders of Shakeology to come in you can jump over to my website and have it shipped directly to your home, thanks again; http://mwlcy.com/bos-healthy-recipes/

This is where the short version ends, if you are still around and want to know my story on why Yin is In for me please keep reading..

I’ve run into a few of you and you give me a blank stare when I tell you I’m teaching yin yoga, I love it! This gives us an opportunity to learn something new and reach back into a practice that is as old as the hills…the art of being still, going deep, listening to God, and finding balance in our daily lives.

Let me tell you a little about yin yoga, give you my personal reason for teaching it, plus give you the scoop on getting into my free YogaFaith classes at Renu Hot Yoga.

Yin is nourishing, relaxing, healing, and at times challenging as we sink deep into our postures. Our poses are held for around 3 minutes, during that time you are encouraged to relax all the muscles around your joints. This is completely opposite to what we are used to hearing in an exercise class, but we are creating change in our connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons, bone, blood) rather than muscles.

With a regular yin practice you are relaxing chronic tightness in the joints which allows for more freedom in movement, more lymphatic flow, and more nervous system conductivity. Think lower back and hip joints being in full range of motion, offsetting the huge number of back pain and injuries we greet each day. Yin starts to get exciting right! 🙂

Yin yoga is very similar to acupressure and works with our meridians and energy lines of our body. Placing our body into a particular posture sends electrical currents back to the internal organs which in turn helps to promote healing. Yin will stimulate and create healing deep within, but it does require stillness and patience.

This is where my personal story comes in. I fight being still and quiet, I’ll just admit it and get it out there. Not only fight it, I really don’t like to take the time, it feels like a waste to me in addition to making me very uncomfortable. I know I need healing, in many areas of my life, but who has time for that? Healing requires getting to the root, finding the weeds, and then pulling them out slowly. OUCH.

As I was going through my yoga training I loved (and still love) hot hatha, vinyasa, power, fusion, but when it came to yin I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”? Well that’s what God told me during our yin class. I could hear Him telling me that as I struggled to stay still for three minutes. It sounds so silly but when you are with your own thoughts three minutes seems like a long time.It was hard and I still fight with Him about it.

Yin isn’t popular in our culture, you don’t get all hot and sweaty and feel like you’ve lost ten pounds at the end of class. What you gain is internal and only you know how powerful that is. But yin is exactly what I need. More stillness in my day, more balance and integrity within my life, more deep healing both physically and spiritually, and THAT is why I am teaching yin yoga!

We have too many broken people in our world, both physically and spiritually, and I am one of them. So my new mantra is; don’t wait until your system breaks down to find healing, start today. If you feel that life is not how you would like it to be, I invite you to learn the ancient art of yin with me. Welcome the chance to relax, go deep, be still, and listen…you wont regret it.I am teaching at Renu Hot Yoga in Yakima, which opens February 2nd, BUT our soft opening is the week before and it is your chance to check out our new studio and classes FOR FREE! There is only so much room per class so if you would like to come let me know so I can get you the details.

Cheers to yin being in, and for all of you beautiful people in my life,


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